Friday, June 24, 2011

Hanggang Kelan?

We broke up...
No, you broke up with me.
You said you don't love me as much as you loved me before.
But no matter how hard i try to convince you to give another chance for you to regrow your love for me, still you said it's fading.
Finally, i said "ok". because no matter what i will do, a one way relationship is worse than not being entangled anymore.

Painful as it may seems, but i know i have to move on.
Friends helped me pass the time not thinking about you.
But still, in the dead of the night, i am always thinking about you.

I always asked my myself, where did i go wrong?
I built my world around you. But then, i was never enough.

You said that there was no third party involved.
But i wished there was third party involved so that the love i felt for you will be drowned by hate.

Many nights, i woke up from a dream.
I dreamed of you.
Funny part is, it was not the dream that woke me up,
Tears and the sobbing did.

I should be happy that you got your peace of mind now.
I should be happy that you are doing well with your life now.
I should be happy for you.
I should be happy.
I should.

But i could not.
The bitter part of it all is... i still love you...


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