Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Boo... how we met...

Living a mediocre life, it is never my game to meet people outside my circle of friends. If i meet a new one, it would be from work or a friend of a friend.

I have a kaharutang friend in the office who will be resigning. And the company hired a new one to fill my friend's position. Hmmm... let's name this new employee Tony.

Tony is a fresh graduate. And a cocky one. Maybe he is just confident because as to what i knew, he's an officer in their college, thus giving himself a confidence. But one thing i remembered about him was when he smile. He has a "black teeth" maybe due to bad oral habits or due to cigarette smoking. And me being so frank, I guess i told him once to have it done with the dentist. Yeah, sometimes i get rude. But i see to it that he won't be embarrassed in front of other people.

At first i did not notice him, what i remembered was during our company activity, he made an effort to join my group of friends in the company. And to add some information, my other friend did not like the aura of this guy since my friend always seen him smoking. But then, since we always meet in the merienda area, we befriended Tony.

The next thing i remembered about him was when he got hospitalized due to UTI. That was October 22, 2006. I guess that was after he took the Civil Service Exam and he failed becoz he was not really feeling well. Me and my friends planned to visit him in the hospital. But then, we didn't know where to hospital to go. So, i asked his number from my other friend and i sent an SMS to Tony asking him the hospital and the room number. After having dinner with my other three friends, we visited Tony in the hospital. He's mother was there as his companion. And "us", were making fun out of everything. Ang iingay namin sa hospital. Partida pa kasi nakabayad pa ako ng 50 pesos para sa gamot niya. Hehehehe.

And that's when me and Tony started texting. From simple text forwarding to many sleepless nights of texting...

what this picture has got to do? hmmmm... this is me... i took this picture after i arrived from visiting Tony in the hospital.... hehehehehe


  1. so siya ang rason ng pag iinarte mo dun sa recent post mo ha?hehehe

    mukhang okay na ang lahat a nakkaapag blog ka na about him e! uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. @mac... spoiler... hahahaha... basahin mo na lang sa mga susunod na posts...