Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paalam Dennis...

Nabasa ko sa FB Wall ng kapatid ni Dennis...

"Dennis (insert middle name and last name here) - April **, 19** to December 12, 2011"

I froze. Literally. Natanong ko sa sarili ko kung tama ba ang interpretation ko?. Binasa ko ulit, and it sinked in, wala na daw di Dennis. <<(click the link)

Kaagad akong nag-private message sa kapatid nya. Pero walang reply. Dahil atat much ako, tinawagan ko ang ate ko kung alam na ba nila na patay na si Dennis. At confirmed nga, wala na si Dennis.

Hindi ko alam kung ano dapat ang maging reaksyon ko. Should I cry? I even forgot to breath for a couple of seconds. Ok not couple, siguro mga 6 seconds. Parang totyal lang kasing pakinggan ang "couple of seconds"... duh!!! I paused for a while na lang to offer a short prayer.

Undeniably, Dennis played a big part in my doomed life. He baptized me to this world. Assuming wala ako inkling to be a gifted one. hahaha He introduced me to many things and helped develop some of my innate qualities. He taught me how to be strong, be patient, and give up things for a right reason. I know he loved me more than his life. It's just that he jumped into the waters without testing it.

After we separated our ways, i fought back the urge longing to be with him. And I promised myself na dapat hindi na ako magpapakita sa kanya upang hindi ko masyadong ma-feel ang sakit. And I was true to my word, I distance myself from all the opportunities na pwede kaming magkita. I made my heart hard for him because I know that I will give in once persuaded.

Kaya hindi talaga ako nakikipagkita sa kanya kung iimbetahin nya ako. Pero minsan nag-chachat kami lalo na yong nasa abroad na sya. He always asked for my advice. Hindi naman ako si Doctor Love pero sabi nya, bina-value nya daw opinyon ko.

And now that his gone, all i can give was a sincere prayer that he will be okay there in somewhere. Though he did not deserve to die a very painful death. He was murdered using a "bolo" and his head was nearly cut-offed (may ganito bang word? hindi naman nagrereklamo ang spell checker... hehehe). Na balat na lang sa leeg ang kumakapit. Napaka-gruesome. Super walang awa ang gumawa. Motibo: pagnanakaw. And the murderer is still on the loose.

I attended the burial. And while he was laid to rest.. this song played in my iPod Shuffle....

May you rest in peace Denz...


  1. omg!totoo ba toh?is this the dennnis na pinag uusapan ntin dati?

  2. and i had to browse the previous entries in able for me to understand this one.